This is what renders memory irrevocably political: its diverse formal possibility and radical historical contingency.
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أرشيف الصور

The Drift and The Photograph

"The Conditions of Possibility" contains 250 black and white photographs that were produced between 2013 and 2015 in Cairo, Egypt. Shot clandestinely using a cell phone, the photographs were captured along myriad long walks through Cairo's proliferous neighborhoods and milieus, as well as from taxis and buses on the city's raised freeways.

To learn more about the photographs and how they were taken, you can read "Drift 1: The Possible Image." In addition to being featured online, the photos will also be presented as part of the project's exhibition. You can view all of the photographs included in the image archive below, as well as sort them based on their content or on what Drift they're featured in.

The Conditions of Possibility
شروط الإمكان

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