Memories are never merely present in this way, but are always situated in tides of reproduction, circulation, and exchange that make porous the boundaries that both separate and tie together.
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The Exhibition المعرض

"Art involves framing, the marking out of a territory, or the building of a house, but this house is always open to an outside ... Art is a form of territorialisation that in turn allows for, and produces the conditions for, deterritorialisation."
-Simon O'Sullivan

In addition to existing here online, "The Conditions of Possibility" is presented as an exhibition. Refashioned in relation to the specificity of different exhibition sites, the show features a selection from the project’s archive that is presented in projected and printed form. Videos, photographs, and text are all brought together in the transmedia installation in order to provide opportunities for diverse forms of engagement.

Utilyzing a variety of curatorial strategies, the exhibition is conceived of as a space of political encounter, experimental speculation, and shared imagination where new kinds of thinking can take place and new forms of experience can take hold in differential relation to Egypt's ongoing revolutionary history. In addition to the formal space of the exhibition, public talks and discussions are organized along with each exhibition to facilitate and invite discursive engagement and collective reflection.

If you are interested in exhibiting "The Conditions of Possibility" in your museum, gallery, or university, or have another related inquiry, please feel free to contact the artist by writing to ianalanpaul@gmail.com .

The Conditions of Possibility
شروط الإمكان

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